Agri Machinery Myanmar

General information
Exhibition Title:                Agri Machinery Myanmar 2017
Subtitle:                             The 2nd International exhibition and conference on Agriculture Equipment and Machinery for Myanmar.
Date:                                  27 - 29 September 2017
Opening hours:                9.00 am – 17.00 pm
Place                                  Myanmar Convention Center (MCC)-Min Dhama Street, Mayangon Township, Yangon, Myanmar.
Net Space                         2000 sqm
Estimated Exhibitors     100 (Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, USA, Indonesia, India, Korea, Thailand, etc)
Estimated Visitors           2000 Trade and Professional Visitors  (Free Entrance)

Why Myanmar: 
Country general information
-       The largest country in South East Asia
-       Total land area   676,578 km2
-       Population   60.38 million
-       Land borders with Bangladesh, China, India, Laos, and Thailand
-       About 75 %  rural population
-       Total labor force 18 million ( 70% engaged in Agriculture sector)
Myanmar’s agriculture sector offers substantial unexploited potential to underpin the country’s inclusive economic development. With extensive land, water, and labor resources, as well as proximity to fast-growing markets, the country’s agriculture has key competitive advantages.
A Myanmar government decision in May 2015 has allowed conditional wholesaling by businesses with a set investment amount in special economic zones, despite the country banning sales of imports by foreign companies in principle, the article noted. Kubota recently became the first foreign company to acquire a wholesale license for imported goods under that exemption.
About 60% of Myanmar's population engages in agriculture, but the industry has been slow to modernize after stagnating under the former military junta, creating significant latent demand for farm equipment.
Exhibitor Profile
  • Agricultural Machinery Farm Machinery & Equipments for
- Soil working, Seeding and Fertilization
- Drilling and Sowing
- Plant Protection
- Irrigation and Drainage
- Havest Conditioning, Conveying, Preservation&Storage
- Fruit, Vegetables and other special crops
- Municipal Application / Landscape Management
  • Tractor / Harvester
  • Components, Spare Parts, Assessories
  • Fertilizers/Bio-manure/ Liquid Fertilizer Manufacturers
  • Agriculture Seeds Manufacturers /Exporters
  • Agro chemicals/Pesticides/Insecticides Manufacturers
  • Irrigation & Water Management
  • Greenhouses & Equipment Suppliers
  • Precision Farming Products
  • Climate Control & Automation Equipment
  • Planting Material /Seeds
  • Solar Technology
  • Wind Energy, Installation
  • Storage Equipment /Packaging Solutions
  • Farm Management Equipment
  • Banks & Insurance Services
  • Soil Testing Equipment / Certification Companies
  • Post Harvest Handling Equipment
  • Agri Business Consultants / IT services
  • Horticulture Supplies
  • Horticulture Processing Technology
  • Packaging Technology & Services
  • Bar code / Ink Coding Technology
  • Grading & Sorting Machinery
  • Wrapping, Sealing
Visitor Profile
  • Farmers/ Agriculturists / Agronomists
  • Agricultural products traders/ Wholesalers/
  • Importers/ Export/ Agents & Distributors
  • Engineers & Technicians
  • Agriculture Department
  • Agro Producers
  • Agricultural supply shops/Supermarkets
  • Plant factory contractors
  • Plant factory owners
  • Investors & Entrepreneurs
  • Agricultural cooperatives
  • Government Authorities
  • Consultants/ Scientists/Technologists/ Researchers / Students
  • Trade industry & Trade Media
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